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Nov, 2021

2022 Registration Information

Hello CYB Families,
As we are closely approaching the 2021 year end, we wanted to send out a message about the 2022 season and registration.

Registration Information

This year we will open registration on November 15th of 2021 for the 2022 season. Our hope is to get players registered early so that we can be more effective with uniform ordering, team sponsor organization, and other league items that we have struggled with due to a time crunch between registration end date and season start. One thing we will be adding is the ability to pay registration in payments over the next few months. 

With that said we will be closing registration this year on March 1st.
Any late registration between March 2nd and March 10th will incur a $35 per player late fee.
Anything after March 10th will be a $50 per player late fee. 

Website Information 
We are in the process of updating the website with information for the 2022 season and should have that completed in the coming weeks. You can find all questions CYB related, answered on the website. The calendar of events holds all dates and locations for board meetings. On the website you can find information on scholarships, tournaments, commonly asked questions, sponsors and sponsorship options and also be able  to log in to see your rosters and schedules once they are done. 

Signifigant 2022 Changes
Some changes this year will be the implementation of continuity within teams. Previously a redraft was done every year for divisions Minors and above(9 years old and above). This year all players staying in the same division will remain on their 2021 team unless they request during the registration process to be redrafted. What this means is if you were league age 9 last year and in minors and will be league age 10 in 2022 you will not need to attend skills eval. same goes for majors and juniors/seniors. If you were league age 10 in 2021 and will move from minors to majors you will need to attend skills eval and be drafted to a team. 
More information on these specifics will be distributed in the coming weeks. You can expect skills eval and draft to happen mid to late March. 

Teeball and Machine Pitch
 teams will also be done with continuity in mind. What this means is the only way that you will move to a new team is if your age requires you to move from Teeball to machine pitch or machine pitch to minors.  During the registration process if you wish to move teams there is a place to annotate that. In Teeball and Machine Pitch we will still allow for teammate or coach requests but only if they are input during the registration process. As always we will do our best to accomodate.   After March 1st NO REQUESTS WILL BE HONORED.


In order to be our best and most effective, we are in need of some off season help still in some key areas. Below are listed those key areas.

Volunteer Coordinator- This is someone who will coordinate all our scholarship volunteers, score keepers and pitch counters. We currently have a team parent coordinator who you will work closely with.

- Team App Coordinator- This is someone who will manage Team App for the season. They should be proficient in Team App or willing to take the next few months in the off season to learn the ins and outs. Most of the features can be looked up on youtube and videos can teach you. This is a position that is really only busy during the season.

-Score Input Coordinator- This is someone who monitors the scores of the games and makes sure that they are input to the website. 

- Division Coordinators-1 each per division 
Teeball Coordinator 
Machine Pitch Coordinator
Minors Coordinator 
Majors Coordinator
Junior/Senior Coordinator
These positions are critical leading up to season and during season. They help streamline communications and give every coach and parent someone specific in their division to communicate with. This person would also be helpful at meetings to give input about division specific items. MACHINE PITCH COORDINATOR would be involved in the creation and implementation of division specific league rules. 

If you are interested in helping, now is the time to volunteer. Once we are into season it is almost to late to catch someone up to help. please email [email protected] if you are interested in anyone of these positions. We can then talk in further detail to be sure of a good fit. 

Hopefully this helps to answer some questions about the 2022 season earlier. Please keep an eye on the website CYBASEBALL.COM and Facebook  @cyb16 for further information. This year we have a volunteer League Information Officer whose sole responsibilty is to make sure information is consistently updated on both these platforms.