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2020 CYBLL Registration is now OPEN!

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If you missed the Parents Meeting on January 27th please review the attached Power Point.

parents meeting final.pptx


Parents, You’ve Got Questions? Here are some Answers.
*When and how do we Register?
You can register online at or come to one of the two remaining registration days at Dicks Sporting Goods on March 16 from 11-5 and Bushwells Sporting Goods on March 23 from 9-3. April 6th 10-3 for late registration.

*How are home run cards working this year?
We are offering Home Run Cards to help recover the costs of your registration. We are also asking that each player sells 5 extra cards valued at $100.00 for a fundraising obligation.
Ex: Player is issued 8 (Tee Ball),10 (Machine Pitch) or 13 (Minors, Majors, Juniors, Seniors) cards. They sell ( 3, 5 or 😎 cards and keep the money to reimburse registration fees. The 5 additional cards are for the player to sell to fund raise $100.00 for CYBLL. Of these 5 additional cards, the monies or cards need to be returned to CYBLL through the office or team parent by June 1. Parents are responsible for the value of the cards. Either cards or monies will be returned for every player.

*How do we get Home run Cards?
After your player is registered you can pick them up at the office, during office hours (office hours are listed on our Facebook page and updated weekly), at any walk up registration days that are posted on our website or Facebook, coaches meeting Mar 20, players meeting April 14th and opening day May 11. They are required to be turned in by June 1.

*Will players be placed on the same teams as last year with the same coaches?
In all divisions the players are being kept on the same teams with the same coaches as last year as long as the coach or player are not moving divisions.

*What happens if my player or coach is moving divisions?
The player will move to their respective division for their age and either be placed on a team or enter draft for Majors, Juniors, and Seniors.

*What if my player is moving up to Majors, Juniors or Seniors?
Majors, Juniors, seniors will follow all the same rules as the lower division for team placement except that new to division players will be part of the draft. A player may choose to be released from their team, if already rostered and enter into draft by emailing to [email protected]

*What if my player is new to the league ?
If your player is in TeeBall, Machine Pitch or Minors and is not currently rostered to a team from last year, they can request to be placed on a certain team in writing to [email protected] This is not a guarantee but we will try to accommodate as best we can.
If your player is in Majors, Juniors or Seniors they will be entered into the draft and be rostered after skills evaluation on April 6th. You will be contacted after April 1st with time and place of this.

*Does my player have to be at skills evaluation?
Skills evaluation is April 6th. Majors at 9am-1030 and Juniors, Seniors 11-1230. You will get an email after registration closes on or about April 3rd If your player is moving up to Majors, Juniors or Seniors or has requested to reenter the draft, you should plan on being here. Registration ends on April 1st and you will be notified soon after of times and place. Please do not text and call wondering when you will know. You will be given this information by email and coaches will touch base with you.

*When is the Coaches Meeting?
March 20th 530-7pm @ Ramkota
Any and all coaches who are wishing to head coach or asst coach need to be there. This is the chance to get all the info you need for the season. [email protected] for anyone I have not talked to on the phone and who wants to coach.

*How do we apply for scholarship?
Scholarships can be applied for by emailing [email protected]
You will be required to sell home run cards just as the other players. The difference is with scholarships we give you the home run cards without requiring registration fees to be paid prior. The fundraising is also required.

*When are games and practices?
Opening day will be a Saturday. Season games will run Monday-Thursday with Fridays being reserved for make up games if needed. The City Tournament be the Friday Saturday Sunday to close the season June 28-30.
Practices are up to the coaches and players will be notified once teams are rostered.

*When will we know which team our players are on?
TeeBall, Machine Pitch and Minors will be forwarded to their coaches the first week of April and have a contact date of April 10th. Majors, Juniors and Seniors will be the second week of April and have contact date of April 12th. Everyone should hear from their coaches by April 12th. Please do not email, call and text prior to this date. You questions will be answered and it ties up resources to answer the same questions 50 times a day. 

*When is the Players Meeting?
April 14th 5-7pm @ Ramkota
This will your opportunity to make sure all your paperwork is in order, meet your team parent, coaches and other players. We will also have samples for uniforms at this time to confirm size needs for shirts and hats. This is a highly recommended event for everyone to attend.
5-530 TeeBall
530-600 Machine Pitch
600-630 Minors
630-700 Majors and up

Please hold any remaining questions you may have until the Players Meeting.

League information will be communicated through the Dicks HQ Game Changer App. Download the Dicks HQ Game Changer Team Manager APP Please.

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