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May 18th 2020

CYBLL Families and Players,

First and foremost, CYBLL Board of Directors would like to thank every one of you for being patient and understanding during this time. 2020 has proven to be a year of many firsts, as well as many hurdles. The COVID 19 situation has had us thinking about things we never imagined possible in our daily social lives.

Over the last few weeks the CYBLL Board of Directors has been meeting every two weeks and even more lately, to assess the upcoming season with COVID-19 on all of our minds. We put the decision off several weeks in hopes to provide our community with a sense of normalcy and return strong with baseball. Today, the rise in COVID 19 cases in Natrona County, as well as the restrictions from the Governor and local health departments that are in place have forced us to regretfully cancel the 2020 CYBLL League Season. The health and safety of our players and their families are first and foremost in our minds.

What does this mean?

Even though we have cancelled the season we will actively start planning an alternative experience for any players, coaches and families wishing to participate in what we are calling Sandlot Days. In the coming weeks as more information becomes available on COVID 19, Natrona County phased plan, and things are allowed to open to levels safe enough for our patrons, we will be contacting all CYBLL families as to what that will look like. We are not giving up on baseball, just waiting until we are sure all our patrons are safe.

Can you request a refund?

Yes, but please follow the directions explicitly. Please read all the following information prior to sending a request.


DEADLINE IS MAY 31st (This will be adhered to strictly)

While you are considering your refund request, please keep in mind that CYBLL operates solely off donations and registration. Please consider donating a portion of your registration to help offset season expenses, new safety gear purchases, as well as field repairs and improvements for next year.

You will need to request a refund. If you do not request a refund one will not be processed.


  2. Choose your refund type from below. Copy and paste the required information.

  3. Fill in all requested information for each player (only 1 per email please)

  4. You will need to send an Email to [email protected]

We will need the following information in this format, in the email body, per player refund you are requesting.

Cost per divisions TeeBall $75, Machine Pitch $115, Minors, Majors and Seniors $175
You can also log on to your account at and get all the information you need.

REFUND WITH DONATION (will be deducted from registration paid)

Name: John Doe

Birthdate: November 15, 2005

Division and Team: Minors

Amount Paid: $175

Amount of Donation:

Form of Payment: Credit Card, Check or Cash


Name: John Doe

Birthdate: November 15, 2005

League Age 2020:

Division and Team: Minors

Amount Paid: $175

Form of Payment: Credit Card, Check or Cash


Name: John Doe

Birthdate: November 15, 2005

Division and Team: Minors

Amount Paid: $175

Form of Payment: Credit Card, Check or Cash

We appreciate your refund and without following instructions, we will not be able to process them.

[email protected] is the only email that refunds will be processed through. Requests sent to any other address will be deleted.

Please do not include other questions or comments within these requests.

(This will delay the processing of refunds and you will get an email back asking for only the required information.)

When your refund is processed through the system a confirmation email is sent to CYBLL as well as the person requesting it.

If you had previously requested a refund in our May 12th deadline, please do not send another email request.

Please be patient in the process. We will have approximately 650 families and will need some time to process them. They all need to be done by hand and one by one. Please give us until June 15th before emailing again.

We as a board are true fans of baseball. This was a very difficult choice for us. There is nothing we want to see more than a minor player on the field for their first time with another player pitching to them and getting a hit, or a tee baller's excitement when he runs to first base and then keeps going all the way around while families giggle and laugh. Summer nights at the ballpark under the lights, the crack of a bat as it's hit to left field and the smell of popcorn. It is not baseball if you can not cheer for your players from the stands or shake hands in good sportsmanship at the end of a hard-fought game.

It is our sincere hope that you will join us next year in our 2021 season for our COVID comeback and another great year of baseball. Until then stay safe, keep practicing, and remember what the great Joe Dimaggo said, ”When baseball is no longer fun, it's no longer a game.”


Thank You,

Casper Youth Baseball Little League Board of Directors

P.S. Coaches if you're willing to commit at this time for coaching next year, please send an email to [email protected]. Please include what division you will be interested in. If we can start getting small things like this done for next year, that will help a lot. We know this can change over the course of a year, but this will give us a good idea and help planning a little better.

May 7th 2020

Hello Casper Youth Baseball Families and Players. The CYBLL Board of Directors would like to provide you with an update of what we have been working on.

As many of you already know Little League International has cancelled all Little League activities from the Regional level on up. They have left it to the states and local Leagues to decided to proceed with a 2020 season or not.  We have yet to confirm whether District or State Tournaments will occur but expect that announcement soon.


As of May 6th , 2020, the Board or Directors has voted and approved the following conditions as they relate to the 2020 Baseball Season:

     We are proposing an adjustment in the CYBLL season as follows:

May 18-22 Equipment pick up by coaches. Once equipment is picked up for a team practice may begin.

June 8th Games will begin and run through July 10th   with 2 games being played weekly per team

July 13th-17th with a City Tournament taking place for Minors, Majors and Seniors.


For us to move forward with this adjusted 2020 season, we are looking for a relief and downgrade in restrictions to the Low Risk/Yellow Level according to the Natrona County Emergency Operations Phased Plan. The current Moderate/Orange restrictions are set to expire May 15th. This can be found at by clicking Natrona County Coming Back Strong on the bottom right of the page. Please note we need to have the downgrade to Low Risk/Yellow Level May 15th, to proceed with this plan.


Anyone who chooses not to participate in the CYBLL 2020 season will be offered a full refund if requested by May 12th 2020.

Please send an Email to [email protected]

If you have already sent an email to another address requesting a refund you WILL need to send another to this email address.

Your subject line should read: REFUND 2020

We will need the following information in this format, in the email body, per player refund you are requesting.

Name: John Doe

Birthdate: November 15, 2005

Division: Minors

Amount Paid: $175

Form of Payment: Credit Card, Check or Cash


1.       Please do not include other questions or comments within these requests.

 (This will delay the processing of refunds)

2.       We will process refunds between the 15th and 31st of May.

3.       Only after the 31st of May should you email again if you have not received your refund.

4.       When your refund is processed through the system a confirmation email is sent to CYBLL as well as the person requesting it.

CYBLL Board of Directors


*****UPDATE*** APRIL 2nd, 2020*****

Casper Youth Baseball Little League is extremely thankful for all who have committed to the playing in the 2020 season. On March 30th, 2020, The CYBLL Board of Directors conducted a meeting via conference call to evaluate the 2020 season status. As many of you know, we are in unprecedented times and anxious to get the season underway, unfortunately, much of this is out of our control. Currently, we are in a holding pattern and intend to update everyone as additional information comes available. We have a number of contingency plans in the works as soon as we are given the green light. We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and positivity at this moment. Please take some time to thank those who work tirelessly to keep us safe and healthy.

Our next board meeting is Apr 15, 2020 5:30 PM via ZOOM conference call. The link to this meeting is located under the Calendar of Season Events tab.

Thank you,

Casper Youth Baseball Little League Board of Directors

Please visit to see current COVID-19 recommendations.

*****UPDATE*** March 12th, 2020*****

As we navigate the many changes resulting from COVID-19, we at Casper Youth Baseball Little League have had to adjust a few things based on recommendations from The CDC, Little League International, Wyoming Department of Health and Natrona County Health Department. In the coming weeks, we should be able to provide you with better answers as the situation progresses.

The Board of Directors met last night and wanted to make sure that our coaches are kept as up-to-date as possible on any changes.

The following is a list of things that you need to know:

Next Board Meeting- The Casper Youth Baseball Little League Board of Directors, will meet again on March 30th at 5:30 PM via a zoom conference call . This is how we have been conducting our meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to tune in to this meeting from the comfort of your home, we are providing the link to the zoom call in the calendar on the website ( Click on the Calendar of Season Event tab, look for the March 30th date and click on the board meeting listed, you will see the zoom link in the description.

League Activities- Currently, we are on temporary suspension until April 6th. This means no Little League activities, to include practices, can take place prior to this date. We will reevaluate this at our March 30th meeting.

Equipment Pickup- Equipment pick up dates for March 25th and 27th are cancelled and the new dates are to be determined once the group restrictions are lifted.

Little League Tournament Dates- As of now there have been no tournament dates changed according to Little League International. They are however working on several different scenarios to adjust accordingly when this is all through. One of those things that they have mentioned is an adjustment to the minimum number of games played to qualify for tournaments.

Northwest Region Umpire Clinic in Casper- The umpire clinic in April has been canceled. What they did tell us is that we will be hosting it again next year.

Season Dates- Currently, our season start dates for practices and games are in a holding pattern. Hopefully the next 10 to 14 days we will have a better answer.

Up-To-Date Information- During this time, we will keep you as up to date as possible. The situation is extremely fluid and changing every day. We will put out information as we deem relevant. Currently, Casper Youth Baseball is ready to start their season at a moment’s notice. All teams are rostered, coaches should be in contact with parents and players, uniforms have been ordered and we're just waiting on the word that we can play. Please get the word out to our families that the best place for current information will be our websitecybaseball.comand our Facebook page @CYB 16. These are the places that information will come out first.

Background Checks- If you have received a request for a background check please get it filled out as soon as possible. Email[email protected]with any questions. We have gotten through about half the list and will be working on the rest over the next few days.

Fields- Due to the pushback in schedule we do not think fields will be available this year for practices.

We are all frustrated that the start of the season has been delayed. We have worked diligently at making sure everything was on track and have been abruptly shut down. We believe that the leaders in both the government and the Little League organization have everyone's well-being in mind with this decision and while many of us may not agree with it, at this time it is what is best. Please stress to your players families that the best place for up-to-date information will be on our website and Facebook first. League wide emails will be sent out after updating our internet resources. While it may look a little different, we'll be playing baseball before you know it.

Please do not hesitate to contact Casper Youth Baseball with any questions you have. We are working through this just like everyone else and will do our best to provide answers as we are able.


Casper Youth Baseball Little League Board of Directors

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